Whether your project is at the initiation or the execution stage, our professional team can meet your needs. UppLabs is the right choice for those who expect to get the web/mobile apps of any complexity at the highest quality.

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We provide various services, from launching a new web or mobile application for your business, rebuilding your legacy system, Fintech solutions, creating MVP of your product to validating the business idea. With Upplabs you'll get timely technical support and a high level of maintenance.

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You get the most value from our skills when it comes to custom web or mobile application development, supporting or extending existing applications, revamping and innovating your legacy systems, and MVP Development. Our tech stack is constantly evolving as we master new technologies and skills.

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Latest from blog

Free .net core hosting on Heroku through Docker and GitHub. Deploy with Unit-tests

July 31, 2020

Free .net core hosting on Heroku through Docker and GitHub. Deploy with Unit-tests

This guide is a follow up of the previous article about the deployment on free .net core hosting on Heroku through Docker and GitHub to configure continuous integration. Today’s goal is to adjust the process, so that deployment occurs only when all unit tests have been passed. Also, the article raises the issue of monitoring the process of continuous integration.

Healthcare industry challenges 2020

July 29, 2020

Healthcare industry challenges 2020

Healthcare remains one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. As an industry expert, with the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, UppLabs was interested in finding out how the outbreak influenced the state of the industry and what changes business owners were forced to accept. But even regardless of the current situation with quarantine, there are some healthcare industry challenges that still remain a concern among healthcare business owners.

Free .net core hosting on Heroku through Docker and GitHub. Guide for startups

July 23, 2020

Free .net core hosting on Heroku through Docker and GitHub. Guide for startups

This guide will be useful to startups who developed an application on the .net core and started to think about the place for its deployment, so it can bring some happiness to the whole world, besides their relatives.

React.js security best practices

July 15, 2020

React.js security best practices

React is a popular front-end web library that had a great impact on the application development process. While React is considered to be quite secure, there are still some practices to take into account when applying it to applications. 

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