A discovery session is the first stage in web product development. Its main purpose is to get all the necessary information to specify the requirements and estimate the client’s business needs. As a result, the team gives to the client an accurate project estimation and development costs.

Why do we need a discovery phase?

This phase is essential for software companies, as they can get the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the client’s business?
  • What are the main business aspects?
  • What is the target audience?
  • Who are the product end-users?
Discovery phase. Services by UppLabs

Main tasks of the project discovery phase

  1. Exploring the subject area
    The first step includes the investigation of the subject area, as well as exploring of product market and competitors. At this stage, a client explains his vision of the product, its main features, and functions.

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  2. Identifying bottlenecks
    Having collected the expectations of the client, a software development team analyze the input data and possible project bottlenecks that include implementation of features or business logic. 
  3. Discussing top-notch solutions to the expected challenges
    Technical experts provide their solutions to the expected challenges and give explanations of certain architecture solutions that can meet the requirements of the client.
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  4. Defining priorities and estimating the project scope
    At this stage, the software developers team defines the main tasks priorities and create a project scope. Here our developers work together with Product Managers to efficiently distribute resources and get ready for the development process. The client can see the user stories at the designed project scope.
  5. Designing the roadmap of the project
    A software development team and a client’s teamwork on creating the project roadmap that is made in form of a graphical overview and timeline of the main objectives and deliverables. This roadmap allows the team to collect different components before starting a new product and see the whole picture of the project development. 
  6. Estimating project cost and time and preparing project documentation
    The last stage of a project discovery phase is to prepare a list of documentation that includes the detailed technical specification, the project’s roadmap with estimates, and wireframes. The wireframes may also include prototypes and product design.

What will you get after the discovery phase?

After the discovery phase, you will get the following results:

  • A complete detailed plan of works with time estimates and specific deadlines;
  • A project scope with a detailed technical specification;
  • An accurate project’s roadmap;
  • A concrete price estimated for the whole project development process;
  • A prototype, wireframes, and final product design that will include all functionalities. 

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