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#About the project

Limehome platform helps the user to find an apartment that meets their needs within the budget. With a digitally enabled guest journey, Limehome is leading the digital revolution in the hotel industry and defines new standards in comfort, convenience, and affordable design. Today it consists of more than 70 properties in Germany, Austria and Spain.


UppLabs started working with Limehome when the initial team on the client’s side was yet small and needed extra developers to keep up with the platform’s building plan. We came to empower the development progress and strengthen the core app’s functionality. The main platform idea was to provide the customer with the fully automated check-in, check-out and payment, so they could be as independent as possible when booking a comfortable suite, and enter their apartment at any time of day and night. Nowadays, and in quarantine realities, the guests want super-easy, automated, and totally-online check-in from the very start.

Our contributions

#Our contributions:

To speed up the platform development, UppLabs provided Limehome with the team extension consisting of our frontend and backend specialists, quality assurance engineers. Also, we were providing the client with the additional expertise on Real Estate domain and MLS integrations.

#Our team is responsible for:

  • Properties’ access codes generation

    Security is one of the most important factors for guests while staying in an apartment. The code should be available during a particular guest session and should be changed when the guest checked-out from the property. This is a smart and convenient replacement for the regular keys that eliminates the need to meet a key keeper in person.

  • Booking/registration forms’ processing

    Registration forms processing eliminates data from different fields of entry and converts it into an easily suitable format. Developers working on forms’ processing should be always highly-concentrated and focused on details.

  • Messages/emails notifications’ automation

    Thanks to this feature, the entire process of booking can be automated and managed remotely. The guest will exactly know what to do to check-in or pay, how to check-out, etc. The customer success team will be notified of every step of the guest during their journey through the booking process.

  • Managing the database entries

    Limehome has a highly populated database with property appraisal computation and their logs that consume storage server space. That is why, to operate business with smooth and streamlined processes, the database should be cleaned from the old entries and ready for the new ones.

  • Writing reservation pages for the internal system used by customer success team

    Reservation pages are not only meant to serve the guests’ needs and provide them with all possible options of data entry like number of guests, contact details, arrival and departure time, preferences and so on. They are also meant to help the customer success team to gather and validate the important information, including feedback and other relevant details of the future stay.

  • Maintenance
    and support

    Since 2019, our team has been actively supporting and maintaining Limehome. UppLabs is always connected with the client and ready to fix minor issues if they appear.

#Key features:

To help Limehome Real Estate management platform in providing fully-digital and sophisticated client-oriented services, UppLabs empowered the application with:

  • Fully automated check-in
    and check-out functionality
  • Unique property
    access codes
  • Detailed
    reservation forms
  • Automated sms
    and email notifications
  • Advanced database

Besides, Limehome users can benefit from:

  • Real-time online booking confirmation
  • Multiple payment options and enhanced payment processing
  • Dedicated customer management service
  • Maintenance and cleaning request functionality
  • SuitePads – the possibility to send personalized messages to guests to address travelers directly at an individual level
  • Limehome membership program – a loyalty program that enables collecting points a guest can later exchange for attractive offers


challenges icons

Jewelry accuracy with
forms’ processing

Registration/booking forms’ processing demands accuracy and proper experience. These records you organize within the form are important in keeping and monitoring the transactions of a reservation process. So it is essential to make the right records for the user and for the vendor. UppLabs team proved the experience of precise and dedicated work on booking forms’ processing throughout the years of collaboration, since 2019.

challenges icons

The uniqueness of property
access codes

Property access codes are a series of numbers, letters, or characters provided to a guest to enter the booked apartament. These access codes, as the level of identification, should be unique enough that someone else does not access the property by chance or by a mistake. On the other hand, as they are entered manually, codes should be easy enough to enter and complete check-in. The code length itself does not affect user experience as much as whether the code is case sensitive or if the letters are presented in upper or lowercase.

challenges icons

and GDPR

Every data processed during the booking, should be protected with a strict security policy. Both the suite guest and the team of customer success in Limehome should be confident about the protection of the business information handled to the database and added to booking forms. Security and data protection is where UppLabs shines.


#Tech stack:

  • .NET
  • Angular
  • HTML
  • CSS


  • Adyen
  • Twilio
  • Mandrill
  • AWS
  • MLS


September 2019

Ongoing support and updates



1 frontend developer


1 backend developer


2 QA engineers
(manual & automation)


#How we helped the client’s business?

By enabling and supporting the core platform’s functionality that includes properties’ access codes generation, UppLabs team helped the client to develop a unique digital solution that revolutionized the hotel industry in Europe.

With remote check-in and check-out feature provided by UppLabs team, the client could guarantee increasing efficiency and improving guest experience of Limehome. No more limited check-in times or excess of non-Covid-safe contact.

UppLabs had significantly speed up software and business development processes for Limehome. Thus, by 2021, the platform raised a total of $42.4M in funding over 4 rounds.

#Client’s testimonial:


ALEX DI MANGO, Head of Engineering, Hospitality Company

Their commitment has been impressive; when we’re looking for people, UppLabs invests their time and does a lot of active searching to provide us with filtered profiles. Additionally, their management is committed to finding replacements if we need them. Their developers also work as part of a team to ensure good collaboration. Overall, they deliver good quality no matter what they build.

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