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UppLabs’ strengths:

Real Estate platform development

Whether it is a residential remodeling estimating software or construction management software, UppLabs make sure it will include everything your business needs.

Property management systems

To control on-site property activities, UppLabs will empower your system with reservation management and administrative tasks, front-desk operations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, payment processing, and more.

Custom CRM platforms

From tools for predictive analytics that help construction stakeholders anticipate and fix issues to tools for tracking and managing materials, assets, etc.

MLS integration

UppLabs provides the development of custom MLS (multiple listing service) platforms and their integration with existing services, such as Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder, Homes, Redfin, ZipRealty, etc.

Vendor management software and more

Take care of your property with web or mobile apps that include audit trail, compliance management, offboarding, performance metrics, a self-service portal, sourcing management, transaction history, and more.

Existing services maintenance and modernization

Our portfolio includes the use of modern architecture that guarantees easy maintenance and easy integration with the best real estate services.



Benefits of working with UppLabs

Business vision

We understand the needs of all stakeholders and your competitive advantage in the market.

Data-based approach

When joining a new project, we conduct research and create a detailed plan that convinces our customers of the quality of our software.

Solid tech expertise

In Real Estate domains that help to avoid pitfalls and stay efficient.

RETS, PCI-DSS, PA-DSS compliance

All of our solutions meet industry standards and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


We ensure regular status updates and direct access to every team member.


We take on a job only when we can handle it.

what to do?

What to do to succeed in Real Estate?


Use the latest IoT, AI and ML tools to analyze data and manage properties, automate your work, and connect with your users.

Monitor industry news

Stay tuned about different policies, disruptions, cutting-edge technologies, and market needs

Follow regulations in Real Estate

To avoid violations and protect your users from fraud you must know and apply appropriate legislation. Be aware of Government regulations and Federal Acts, etc.

Concentrate on your business

The tech side is under the control of UppLabs!

UppLabs is the best plan to come Upp!



Real Estate businesses trust UppLabs to provide them with modern and fast solutions to deal with:

Property and vendor management systems

Real Estate web and mobile applications

Custom Real Estate CRM platforms development

Complex MLS and system integrations

Remote teams’ management

Digital transformation

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Real Estate Platform

  • The old platform received a rebuild to a new technology stack that improved the product’s position on the market
  • Updated UI/UX that allowed to increase the number of active users in 2 times and increase revenue by 80%


What do our clients say?



“UppLabs LLC supported frontend React development for a web-based app MVP. This involved consulting on technical design decisions. The team excelled at providing quality technical development throughout the timeline. They went above and beyond, providing valuable suggestions for product improvement. Their receptiveness to feedback and ability to adjust accordingly was a highlight.”



“Compared to the internal staff, the team is capable of delivering about twice the amount of features with the same level of quality. Working closely with their partner, they assist end users with the product on conference.”



“UppLabs LLC excels at meeting deadlines and sticking to priorities. They’re genuinely interested and will make valuable suggestions beyond their specific project scope. As a team, UppLabs is responsive and consistently delivers quality work, on time.”

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