Web and Mobile Apps Nowadays

One of the key features of today’s digital environment is a multichannel system. Organizing effective presence across different channels that reach potential customers is a vital task for any business. In order to be closer to your customers, your company needs not only a proper website but a better web or mobile application. Focusing on mobile gadgets is not just a modern trend, it is a must-have strategy to avoid losing existing and potential clients. 

Web and mobile app engineering

Why does your business need an application?

Creating an application is one of the most powerful tools for reaching your target audience. But if you’re still thinking about developing your own mobile or web apps, here you can find some of the essential reasons:

  1. Increasing sales and reaching more audience
    This is a channel that can help you to increase your business profits. And it can be quite a significant increase, depending on how large the potential audience is. Every new user who installs your mobile or web application gets to your potential information space. Therefore, it’s recommended to use different methods to increase the number of installations. And if you combine the “web app + mobile app” strategy, the company receives double benefits.
  2. Marketing and communication channel
    Mobile applications can be successfully used to attract brand awareness through various marketing campaigns. In this way, it’s possible to expand your leads and build a trusting relationship with them. Especially valuable in this context is the ability to receive user feedback.
  3. Optimization of business processes
    The web and mobile apps allow business owners to create an application for employee interaction within the team, tracking and managing any processes, file and data sharing, aggregation of certain statistics, etc. Mobile applications can be effectively used as a tool for organizing and automating many business tasks.
  4. Increasing customer loyalty
    If customers want more information about your business, the products and services you offer, they can always do it through the mobile app, 24/7. Continuous engagement increases loyalty, and a good level of loyalty drives sales.
  5. Source of valuable analytics
    With the mobile application, you can gather a lot of useful information for further analysis. What do customers buy most often? How much time do they spend in the app? What features are most in-demand, and which are not? By tracking how people interact with your application, you can understand how you can improve your interaction experience, and make the whole process more useful. Understanding your customers is the key to success in any business.

Our portfolio 

80+ web and mobile applications developed in Upplabs.

We have been working in the web development sphere for many years, and have dozens of successful projects and satisfied customers from all over the world. Our aim is to implement the latest innovations in providing the best solutions for all stages of project development, timely technical support, and a high level of maintenance for our customers’ businesses. Here are some of the examples of web and mobile apps that were designed by our talented team:

  • Recap Investing is a sustainable investing platform MVP that provides stock trading. The user can invest some money into different initiatives for building a better world. With the help of platform specialists, this contribution is shared between and invested in different companies work in the industries the user cares about. 
  • List Assist is a SaaS solution developed in UppLabs. This is a web application with a list fulfillment system designed to work with a large amount of data and easily filter it by different parameters. UppLabs have written custom and complicated algorithms to sort data by numerous parameters. Currently, we’re supporting this product. 
  • ElderlyCare is a senior house living management system. It consists of two separate apps: 
    • for senior house workers (to monitor the patients’ health, activity, diet, etc. and get notified if something went wrong) and 
    • for senior people (to ask for something via the app, track their health and book procedures if needed). 

This is a complex real-time communication system with the requirements for high performance. 

Our application development tech stack: 

We create custom web applications with:

  • Frontend technologies:
    • Angular.js
    • React.js
    • JQuery
    • JavaScript
    • Knockout.js
  • Backend technologies:
    • .net
    • Asp.net
    • Python
    • Node.js
    • Ruby
  • Databases
    • MS SQL
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB

Upplabs team works with various databases and APIs and can implement scaling and integration with other services. With the help of the latest technology stacks, we are creating solutions that streamline your business operations and deliver values. 

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Our team develops iOS and Android mobile apps using the latest techniques applied to the top apps in the world. We can help you to create a unique mobile application or extend the capabilities of your existing software on mobile. 

Upplabs create mobile applications with:

  • React Native
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic

Upplabs dedicated development team

For more than 5 years we’ve been mastering our skills in web and mobile app development to provide you with:

  • Professional dedicated software development team
  • IT consulting
  • Continuous technical support

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You get the most value from our services when it comes to:

  • Custom web or mobile application development;
  • Supporting or extending an existing application that was built with .NET or Node.js;
  • Revamping and innovating your legacy system;
  • MVP Development;
  • Converting PSD to Mobile screens (Ionic, React-Native, Xamarin, Swift views).

Pros of the apps developed by Upplabs

Applications developed by Upplabs are always:

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Highly-functional 
  • User-friendly

Our clients speak for us:

“These guys have done an incredibly fantastic job working in a reliable and efficient way. They developed our real estate platform timely and flawlessly. I don’t have any hesitation in recommending them to any startup, seeking development services.”

Wyat Grantham, Home Toro Inc. 

“Upplabs has great full-stack developers. I worked with them as the offshore developers and had no hassles with them. Communication was a breeze and their attention to detail and code quality was refreshing. Highly recommend!”

Thadeus Makukutu, General Manager at Skyebase

“I cannot say enough good and positive things about Upplabs! Apart from being a team of talented developers, with years of experience to back it up, they are thorough, detailed, and absolutely dedicated to their craft. I knew nothing about code and development, so finding someone I could trust and depend on was of the utmost importance.”

Vince David, Co-founder Filtbuilt: Snapchat Geofilter Marketing and Creation 

Benefits of working with UppLabs

Except for high software development quality, collaboration with Upplabs brings you many business values.

If you are limited in time and budget or you don’t know where to start, UppLabs team is ready to help you to validate your startup ideas by:

  • Fining the right tech solutions within your budget;
  • Prioritizing of steps and features;
  • Product development consultation;
  • MVP building.

Having solid expertise in Fintech, Healthcare, Real Estate, Marketing, Education, E-commerce and Entertainment, we are ready to provide you with vital industry insights that will bring new opportunities to your business. 

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For the years of app development, Upplabs created some rules and strategies that ensured its successful realization. Before jumping into the project, our project managers create a detailed development strategy.  After getting the entire plan, clients are able to make adjustments as well as track the work in process. 

Moreover, in the process of a work Upplabs’ project manager usually:

  • leads the project from the ideation to project release;
  • determines resources and schedules for project implementation;
  • creates and maintains technical and project documentation;
  • performs team assessment and evaluation;
  • assigns individual responsibilities within the team;
  • effectively predicts, prevents and solves project issues.

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We hope to win your business and build a long-term relationship with you! 

By the way, UppLabs is named among the Top-10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA 2022!