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Trichologists’ mobile app for preventing hair loss

HairMax is a mobile application developed for trichologists to prevent hair loss of their clients. When the client visits a doctor, the doctor uses a dermatoscope connected to this application to take photos. Based on the detailed images and further investigation, doctors can prescribe certain HairMax products.

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Recap investing

sustainable investing platform MVP

Recap Investing is a sustainable investing platform that provides stock trading. The user can invest some money into different initiatives for building a better world. With the help of platform specialists, this contribution is shared between and invested in different companies work in the industries the user cares about.
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Health and wellness platform MVP

Wellbit is the health and wellness platform for companies. This B2B project aimed at avoiding revenue loss by preventing issues with employees’ health. This web application helps companies organize monitoring the health figures of their employees.

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Real Estate Platform

Ukrsutki is a high-performance real estate platform on the basis of an obsolete website. It is powered by devup.estate which provides solutions that allow real estate professionals to work efficiently from the very beginning.

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