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About the project

ElderlyCare is an innovative CRM that includes different applications for residents, senior house’ workers, and administration of senior living houses to monitor the health and organize residents’ schedules. The application presents a new approach to caregiving services and a digital transformation in healthcare. It helps to manage all facilities, wings, residents and rooms, and employees that serve residents.

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ElderlyCare application was developed to automate and simplify the work of senior house workers, administration, and to make the communication with residents more efficient. This project was a part of digital transformation that included process optimization and task automation for the institution’s personnel.

Data inserted into the CRM could be filtered, organized, and used to create meetings, calendars, schedule medical procedures, notify workers and residents and provide them all with the easy to use interface. Additionally, the app could be used by workers to chat with the team and the residents.

A convenient and fast system was aimed to make senior house living management more transparent, efficient, and fast. No paper-based archives and quiet bells to call a nurse. Residents could connect to a needed specialist and leave a comment when needed via the application.

Our contributions

UppLabs team was responsible for Android and web applications development, manual, and automation quality assurance.
Together with the client, we worked on the app’s functional and testing:

Mobile development

UppLabs provided the client with a skilled Kotlin developer to take full responsibility for technical decisions and add expertise in the mobile development of the Healthcare app.

Frontend development

UppLabs’ React.js engineers created an appealing platform interface with reusable components and advanced maintenance.


Our team made sure every single app’s feature is working properly, that the platform ensures secure data handling, prevented vulnerabilities, and instabilities that might appear in the future. Mobile and web automation testing is one of the steps that the team has done to be sure that the quality of the product is very high

Key features

To empower the system’s usability and functionality, UppLabs team helped to provide ElderlyCare app with:

  • Login functionality
  • Residents assessment reports
  • Search functionality (residents and facilities)
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Resident’s profile (current and inactive) with:
    • Care summary
    • Appointments schedule
    • Care plans
    • Progress notes
    • Assessments (general, complex healthcare, therapeutic, lifestyle, and healthcare)
    • Files
Key features
  • Care team console with:
    • Creating reports
    • Appointments planner
    • Messaging functionality
    • List of residents
    • List of staff working in the senior house
    • Event creation option (different types)
    • Event filtering functionality
    • Creating report templates
  • Resident facility menu:
    • Facility noticeboard
    • Dashboard
    • Care management
Goal Elderlycare


This application should help the large and medium size senior living houses that provide services for thousands of residents and the new level of services for residents in Australia, US, UK.


UX and UI optimization

Our main goal was to build an application that is very easy to use and navigate because the main users are senior residents and most of them are not very tech savvy.

Hight code standards and communication with the client’s team

The team that was working on the project had more than 25 developers that were working on the same parts of the application. We joined the project when it had 2 years of the development with their code practices. But our team managed to adapt our approach to their expectation and provided a high efficiency and code quality. Sometimes much higher efficiency than an existing team.

Tech stack

  • React.js


  • Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-Thunk

    Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-Thunk

  • Kotlin


  • .NET Core

    .NET Core

  • Kubernetes


  • Docker


  • Material UI

    Material UI


  • icon

    PubNub Real Time Communication APIs for Chat

  • icon

    Sentry cloud-based error monitoring


6 months 2019

Timeline Elderlycare


Team Elderlycare

3 React.js Developers

1 Automation QA engineer

1 Kotlin engineer

How we helped the client‘s business?

We helped the client to create an outstanding, fast and scalable senior house living management system that fulfilled all the requirements for caregiving digital products. Despite numerous challenges, UppLabs team delivered a TOP-quality healthcare app to optimize and automate client’s operations. As a result, ElderlyCare app allowed the client to save a lot of money and time they later spent on business development.

client‘s testimonial

Compared to the internal staff, the team is capable of delivering about twice he amount of features with the same level of quality. Working closely with their partner, they assist end users with the product on conference


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