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About the project

Ukrsutki is a high-performance real estate platform on the basis of an obsolete website. It is powered by devup.estate which provides solutions that allow real estate professionals to work efficiently from the very beginning.

About the project Ukrsutki


Design, Legacy rebuild, Web


Real Estate


Custom Web development, , Post-production support and maintenance, Quality assurance, Project management

Ukrsutki Mission


Search of the proper apartments for rent is a complicated process that requires plenty of time, effort and serious approach. There are a lot of offers on the Internet, but many of them may not suit you by any reason: the number of rooms, floor, apartment equipment, location, price and so on. The Ukrsutki aims at satisfying these demands by providing apartment owners, real estate agencies, and potential tenants with the online platform for short-term rental services.

Our contributions

We made the renovation of an obsolete website, having developed a contemporary crisp design, an intuitive user interface, and an actual mobile-responsive platform. We implemented a robust search, added filter attributes and improved the search results displaying.

All these measures and features provided users with comprehensive information about the rental property including images, maps, and important stuff to accommodate. It allows them to avoid location mistakes, save search queries, receive relevant notifications, easily create and manage listings, and order the paid services for ads depiction.

Ukrsutki Contributions

We were responsible for

  • Software development

    From reverse engineering to launch, the team of UppLabs engineers provided full-cycle software development to turn the existing website into a full-fledged platform with new architecture, features, mobile application, and CRM.

  • Product development

    Our team suggested and implemented a brand new responsive and attractive product’s UI and UX which allowed simplifying using the platform. Also, we’ve added new features to met our users’ needs. To validate the platform’s TA and their needs, UppLabs provided a market analysis resulting in the implementation of several additional features to the platform.

  • Continuous support

    We were monitoring the performance of the system using different metrics of healthcheck. Also, we set up CI/CD processes, were working on feature and performance improvements and fixes.

Key features

  • User login via email and social networks
  • Customer onboarding flow
  • Google Map integration
  • Multi-Language support
  • Real-time user chat
  • Possibility to add, edit listings
  • Search listing on the map or using multiple filters
  • Online booking and payment
  • SEO support
  • Admin panel with dashboards
Ukrsutki Key Features/Challenges

In addition, we investigated needs of the target audience, held the analysis of the competitive environment, and implemented a set of extra functionality:

  • Messaging between users
  • Several notification types
  • Registration of different user types – seekers and presenters
  • Adding to Favorites
  • Personal agent page with all necessary information and listings
  • History of viewed listings


Rebuilding a web application and data migration

The application was rebuilt from legacy one and moved to another technical stack because the previous solution was outdated in both UX/UI and technical perspectives. The data was migrated from the old database to a new one which was extended by new entities in relationships between them.

SEO support

The project was SEO optimized.

New look and feel

Different devices have different UI and UX requirements.

Payment system integration

We have implemented a new payment process that provided more payment methods for the end-users.

Performance optimization

There are 2 types of performance optimizations. The 1st one was for a better search engine ranking score. We used Google Page Speed insights to improve every public page and have a score 90+. And the 2nd part of optimization was focused on the user experience and performance optimization of high loaded operations of looking for the best listing in the millions of listings on the market.

Tech stack

  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack
  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack
  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack
  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack
  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack
  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack
  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack
  • Ukrsutki Tech Stack


  • Ukrsutki Integrations
  • Ukrsutki Integrations
  • Ukrsutki Integrations


6+ months in total for platform development and product improvements

6+ Months Ukrsutki Timeline

How we helped the client’s business?

We helped the client to correspond to the needs of the customers and provided the possibility to grow the business improving the position of their product on the market.


5 developers (asp.net, ms SQL, angular.js, JavaScript)

1 Business Analyst / Project Manager

Quality assurance specialist

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