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Tax 1099 is an IRS-approved eFile provider for informational returns. It is a blend of tax knowledge and technology to provide superior compliance tools. Tax1099 presents the ideal solution for small businesses, independent accountants, bookkeepers, CPA firms, and corporations of all sizes.


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With an outdated legacy solution, the Tax1099 platform could not support more than 2000 real-time users. At this point, the UppLabs team stepped in to help the client to optimize their app’s performance that led to solving the core business goals.

While the client’s product architecture had a monolithic structure that couldn’t scale well and required supporting software (servers and databases), we had to change its architecture by gradually rebuilding a monolith to microservices.

Tax contributions

Our contributions

Step by step, UppLabs team worked toward the client’s platform improvement and upgrade.

We were responsible for:

Technical discovery phase

Providing technical expertise on architecture, code scalability, and supporting discovery alongside code revision was inevitable to create a plan for the product’s upgrade.

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Technical consulting

After thoroughly examination of the client’s legacy solution, UppLabs team offered two possible options of the product’s performance optimization:

  1. Rewriting the application from scratch to microservice architecture. It required more than 1 year of the development and a team of 5+ members.
  2. Implementing 1 microservice that covers a small part of the functionality but the most used one and which brings the biggest performance issues. This required around 2 months of the development and 2 team members.

The second option fit the client. By choosing a plan, the client could understand the further actions and see the objectives should be achieved.

Legacy product rebuilding

UppLabs developed new architecture and gradually moved client’s software to microservices. Our team decided to put the logic into the microservice, creating a Public Getaway API, that can be easy to communicate for both sides – the clients of existing project and the existing businesses. This change will make the product easily scalable

We are still working on further product’s migration to microservices.

Key features

To improve the product’s performance, UppLabs provided the application with:

  • New microservices architecture
  • Public Getaway API
  • Updated business logic
  • Database normalization
  • ELK stack usage
  • AMQP implementation
  • Data history tracking approach
  • JWT authorization process
  • Event sourcing approach
  • In-memory database usage
  • New data access technology
Tax Challenges Tax Challenges


Legacy code support

It was hard to support legacy code in order to add new features that business expects. Fortunately, the UppLabs team had a lot of experience working with legacy solutions in our practice.

Effective collaboration

It was difficult to organize an effective work process together with the developers’ team from the client’s side which worked on the product earlier. However, here at UppLabs, we know how to find a path to effective collaboration and communication.

Adhere to the quality of the product

Working in a team with developers from the client’s side, it was challenging to understand their mindset and provide the best software development practices to fulfill the high product standards.

Tech stack

.Net API

Asp.net MVC






Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports

NPOI for Excel

NPOI for Excel


August 2018 – Ongoing

  • Technical discovery phase
  • Technical consulting
  • Legacy product rebuild


  • 1 software architect
  • 1 backend developer

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