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Wellbit is the health and wellness platform for companies. This B2B project aimed at avoiding revenue loss by preventing issues with employees’ health. This web application helps companies organize monitoring the health figures of their employees.

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Many companies suffer losses due to the fact that employees get sick, burnout at work and lose effectiveness. Wellbit allows companies to track the mental and physical health of their employees and, as a result, to avoid the loss of revenue.

Our contributions

Being a technical co-founder UppLabs team developed Wellbit from scratch.

Technical decisions

All solutions related to the technical details such as architecture, database designing, integration with external API (Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone) were made on the basis of our research. We selected frameworks and libraries to develop and launch the user friendly application in a short period of time.

Fullstack development and market research

After 2.5 months of MVP development and implementation process we tried to perform weekly updates of the application with some new features and modifications taking into account users’ feedback. This approach helped us timely respond to the market demands.

Key features

Wellbit works pretty easy

Key features Wellbit

A company signs up on the Wellbit platform and sends invitations to its employees.

Key features Wellbit

The last ones accept invitations, sign up and connect their wearables to the Wellbit.

Key features Wellbit

The platform maintains the most popular devices such as Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone that help to check employee’s activities and health conditions.

Key features Wellbit

Functionality of this platform helps an employee add his goals (for example, lose weight, give up smoking or do some sport activities), and his supervisor can approve it or reject it.

Key features Wellbit

“My Wellness” section binds BMI (body mass index) history and 8 types of calculators for estimation of BMI, physical risk, fatigue, mental health, stress, alcohol risk, smoking risk, diabetes.

Key features Wellbit

This web application is implemented as a game that allows employees to compete with each other. An employee can see his position in the corporate rank and try to reach higher positions in comparison with colleagues. An employer, in his turn, can track employee statistics by all parameters and apply relevant measures to avoid risk factors.

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Wellbit Platform Provided

The Platform Provided

  • User login via email and social networks
  • Customer onboarding flow
  • Email verification
  • Dashboard with health indexes by employees
  • Automatic inactivity logout
  • Integration with wearables Jawbone, Fitbit, Missfit, etc.
  • Health assessments
  • Employees’ motivation boards based on their goals
  • Monitoring mental health of employees


Integration with third party services to collect health related data

There was a challenge to collect all data on a near-to-real time way by all employees. Also, we faced an issue that the 3rd party API was changed after some time so we had to fix this issue quickly and develop a notification system to monitor the possibility of it happening in the future in order to react asap.


The automatic inactivity logout feature makes sure that when the user closes the tab — we log out the user. But here we should be able to understand that the user really closes the tab and doesn’t just refresh the page.

Data processing and performance

Also, we had to collect data from different wearables which had a diversity of data structure and metrics of measurement. For example, one provider had 2 stages of sleep rate (deep and light), the other provider at the same time had another level of detalization. However, we should have been processing all data and converting it to one structure which could be used in our system to predict health issues. Also, the amount of data could be enormous that’s why data processing optimization was the critical part which was solved by scalable project architecture and database optimization, multithreading and queuing of jobs.

Pixel perfect design

Different devices have different UI and UX requirements.


API integration with 3rd party services to get the wearables data.

Tech Stack

  • Tech Stack Wellbit
  • Tech Stack Wellbit
  • Tech Stack Wellbit
  • Tech Stack Wellbit


6+ months in total for MVP development and product improvements

6+ Months Timeline Wellbit



1 FullStack Web developer

1 QA engineer

How we helped the client’s business?

With the UppLabs’ approach of Lean Startup, we helped the client to validate the business idea and product’s functionality by providing professional MVP development and Healthcare expertise.

By shaping the clients’ product, UppLabs helped WelBilt to get the target audience feedback and to market the application.

Wellbit How We Helped

Client’s testimonial

UppLabs’ developers are the best developers I have worked with. For me, it was important to get a developer that can not only code but can drill into the business problem to come up with effective solutions and work with me as a partner. I had a complex project that was at an initial concept stage. UppLabs did an excellent job by turning the problem that I had into a working MVP that I could provide to my users.

They knew how to make the development process look easy by providing great communication, highlighting underground stones that were missed during the analysis and suggesting features, and enhancements to improve the product value. Though I had a complex product that required the integration of different types of fitness wearables, UppLabs’ team was able to deliver the product on time and to spec. Highly recommended.

Ryan Winch, Founder

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