.NET Development in UppLabs is used to build just about anything: business applications, games, web apps, and mobile apps. It’s one of the emerging technologies of 2020 mostly because it’s managed by Microsoft and the open-source community. Our devs can reuse .net skills and code across numerous platforms in a familiar environment.

.NET Development in UppLabs

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source development platform that allows building plenty of different types of applications.

A bit of .NET history

In the early 2000s, Microsoft announced the introduction of the new .NET platform. Inspired by the best features of Java, COM, and web technologies, and experienced on the mistakes and limitations of previous technologies, Microsoft developers decided to completely upgrade their development platform. The main developer of .NET technology was Anders Hejlsberg, previously known as the author of Turbo Pascal and Delphi. He naturally tried to use the best of Delphi in the .NET project. The .NET architecture differed significantly from the others, as it made it possible to develop software in different programming languages. As a result, a number of surprisingly sophisticated technologies have appeared for performing everything from building Windows applications to executing queries in databases, and a tool specifically designed for website development  – ASP.NET.

What’s special about .NET?

One of the features of .NET is that the platform is not dependent on any particular programming language: developers can write in many compatible languages. These can be C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET CORE, WEB API, SQL SERVER, C ++ .NET and some others – programmers create their applications in the languages that they understand best or which suit better to solving current problems. The way the extensive collection of functionality is organized in the .NET Framework is an improvement of traditional Windows applications. Each of the thousands of classes available in the .NET Framework is hosted in a logical hierarchical container that is called a namespace.

The most famous solutions developed with .NET

.NET web development can be used to build just about anything: business applications, games, web apps, and mobile apps. Here are some applications that were built with C#, ASP.NET and other codes:

  • Popular game-developing platforms used .NET for games like Bastion, Shadowrun Returns, Rust, Wasteland 2, and Hearthstone
  • Anti-hacking security software like Wikileaks and Anonymous
  • Microsoft’s famous Windows Applications like Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Internet Explorer, Skype, Visual Studio 2012, Photoshop, SQL Server 2012, Paintbrush
  • Frameworks that use .NET web API for Mobile Apps like Slack, Pinterest, Tableau, The World Bank, NBCUniversal, Aviva

.NET popularity in 2020

Today ASP.NET is unprecedentedly popular, but it is no longer a particularly revolutionary technology. Although the basic functionality that underpins ASP.NET, looks exactly the same as it was ten years ago, Microsoft developers added some additional tools and higher-level coding abstractions. All surveys for 2020 are clearly pointing that no one should have any doubt about the .Net Development future. It’s one of the emerging technologies of 2020 mostly because it’s managed by Microsoft and the open-source community.

.NET pros and cons

Advantages of .NET:

  • Its caching system is simple and easy in use;
  • It gives you all the features of OOP;
  • Its software and applications are secure;
  • It has unified API tools for developing programs in different languages;
  • It has many thousands of ready-to-use classes that implement various algorithms that save time and increase the reliability of the programs;
  • It has a massive community.
  • The installation programs under .NET don’t require special installing programs.

Disadvantages of .NET:

  • The speed of programs can sometimes decrease in the process of development.
  • Programs for .NET are usually small, but running such programs requires a lot of random access memory.
  • The computer must have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed.

Why UppLabs chose .NET? 

We specialize in (C#, VB.net) (asp.net core vs asp.net), Asp.Net WebForms, Asp.Net MVC, Asp.Net WebApi. Why we choose .NET environment? There are numerous reasons:

  • Using .NET makes it possible to develop one environment that can be used for several programming languages.
  • The .NET Framework contains many detailed operations that programmers can include in his own code, and not spend several days explaining elementary things to the computer.
  • It offers various advantages to both developers and clients. The clients can get fully functional applications, while developers and designers receive flexibility and dynamic features to build websites as well as simplicity and ease.
  • The .NET platform offers rich UI controls and quick deployment of applications.