Technical Skills

Whether your project is at the initiation or the execution stage, our professional team can meet your needs. UppLabs is the right choice for those who expect to get the web/mobile apps of any complexity at the highest quality. Our team works with various databases and APIs and can implement scaling and integration with other services. With the help of the latest technology stacks and technical skills of our developers, we are creating solutions that streamline your business operations and deliver values. 

Our Upplabs dev team is proficient in using the latest technologies, frameworks, and methodologies that are served for creating the best web and mobile solutions for our clients. Here are the technologies we use:

UppLabs Technical Skills. Frontend


We use frontend development for converting data to the user interface with the help of HTML, Javascript, CSS, and JQuery, so it can be easy for users to manage the data. Our frontend developers use the latest platforms available to build the greatest website and implement the boldest of our client’s ideas.



  • The size of this framework is only 18–21KB and is very easy to download;
  • It is easy for understanding and developing applications;
  • It can be easily integrated with other Javascript frameworks;
  • It has very detailed documentation;
  • It can facilitate 2-ways communication.
Reasons to choose Vue.js


  • It has the ability to reuse system components;
  • It ensures faster rendering;
  • It uses only a downward data flow that ensures code stability;
  • It easily deals with a common search engine failure and can read JavaScript-heavy apps.
Learn more about React.js


  • Its code is unit-testable;
  • It provides reusable components;
  • It allows getting more functionality with less code;
  • It creates a Single Page Application in a very maintainable way;
  • It uses dependency injection and separation of concerns.
UppLabs Technical Skills. Backend


The web application’s functionality is fully dependent on skillful backend development. This is the key to the successful connection between the web, database, and user. The backend dev team focuses mainly on the issues of speed optimization, security, structure, process functionality, scripting, databases and the architecture of websites.  



  • Its caching system is simple and easy in use;
  • It gives you all the features of OOP;
  • Its software and applications are secure;
  • It has a massive community.
Read more about .net


  • It has a large standard library and a huge ecosystem;
  • It is free to use and distribute;
  • It can be easily integrated with other languages and platforms;
  • It is very easy to learn;
  • Its design is clean and object-oriented;
  • Its speed and productivity always increase;
  • It is perfect for AI and machine learning solutions.
Read more about Python


  • It offers easy scalability and has much more options than other Javascript servers ;
  • It is easy to learn;
  • It can be used as a Full-Stack JS;
  • It can be served as a Single Programming Language;
  • It has great performance;
  • It is supported by many commonly used tools.


    • It’s easy to configure and customize;
    • It’s easy to integrate with other engines like EJS, Vash, Jade, etc;
    • It allows easily to create REST API server;
    • It makes the web app development fast and easy.


    • It has a very fast development;
    • Its code is module & structured;
    • It has lots of additional tools given by StrongLoop;
    • It has great ORM with a lot of available connectors in the community.
read more about note.js


  1. It is simple, object-oriented, and familiar.
  2. It is robust and secure.
  3. It is architecture-neutral and portable.
  4. It executes with high performance.
  5. It is interpreted, threaded, and dynamic.
  6. There are 3 billion devices run on Java.
One Java to rule them all!
UppLabs Technical Skills. Mobile development


The main goal of mobile app development is building mobile apps that can be installed by users on all kinds of devices that run a mobile operating system. There exist many different mobile application development platforms but our mobile developers mainly specialize in Xamarin, Ionic Framework, React Native and Swift.



  1. It is simple, object-oriented, and familiar.
  2. It is robust and secure.
  3. It is architecture-neutral and portable.
  4. It executes with high performance.
  5. It is interpreted, threaded, and dynamic.
  6. There are 3 billion devices run on Java.
One Java to rule them all!

React Native

  • It has optimal performance;
  • It has the code reusability and pre-developed components;
  • It has a large community of developers that are ready to help;
  • It supports Live and Hot Reloading tools.
Read more about React Native


  • It is very fast in operating;
  • It has data security characteristics;
  • It allows to use less code for big tasks;
  • It is integrated with memory management;
  • Its coding is interactive.
Perfect language for iOS development


  • It includes such features as type inference, data classes,  smart casts, and properties to achieve conciseness;
  • Its code is safe because it prevents common programming mistakes by design;
  • It has great support for functional programming;
  • It accelerates every-day development tasks;
  • It can reduce bugs and errors in the code.
Kotlin development in UppLabs


  • It is a cross-platform that allows high productivity;
  • It allows  fast and simple development;
  • It has hot reload features that allow the developers to view the immediate changes made in the code on emulators, simulators, and hardware;
  • It is open-source and free to use;
  • It provides extensive documentation and a great support community.


  • It allows developing source code using one platform;
  • The written code can work well on multiple platforms;
  • It has flawless UI;
  • It’s based on C#, so it’s easy to learn and is flexible;
  • It uses a variety of libraries;
  • It can perfectly work on Mac and Windows OS.
UppLabs Technical Skills. Cloud development


Cloud development includes integrated development environments, application lifecycle management components, test and quality management, configuration management, delivery tools, and application security testing components. Our team of experienced developers offers Azure, AWS, and Heroku cloud development. 



  • It is cost-effective;
  • It has scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure;
  • It has Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing tools;
  • It uses an end-to-end approach to secure.

Google Cloud

  • It provides a reliable and scalable cloud computing services;
  • It can deliver updates efficiently and provide higher productivity on a weekly basis;
  • It brings manageable improvements in a continuous stream;
  • It allows quick collaboration;
  • It allows to control the technology and ownership over data in Google apps.


  • It is fast in terms of operation, deployment, and scalability;
  • It is entirely secure and is built around privacy demands;
  • It facilitates for faster content delivery, optimal user experience, and stores any data;
  • It has disaster recovery capabilities;
  • It has automated software updates.


  • It lets developers scale applications instantly;
  • It enables easy development and better usability;
  • It supports diverse solutions;
  • It supports Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, Python, PHP, and Go.

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