UppLabs was never indifferent to what is happening in the social sphere. Talking about business – we’re always ready to go the extra mile and present the best solutions. But we know that every company, except its business values and achievements, has to be ready to take a social mission. To create a better world where everybody is happy to live and work.

Past activities

Take a look at our past social activities! UppLabs is a modest company but has a big heart. So, whenever we able to help, provide mentorship, consult or support – we’re here for the society!

The School of Heroes

The School of Heroes. UppLabs social contribution

Recently UppLabs’ CTO and founder Vitaliy Dyachenko visited “The School of Heroes”! The aim of this event sessions is to meet schoolchildren with professionals from different fields. Here children can present their ideas and tell about their dreams.

Q&A session about remote teams management

How to effectively manage remote teams?

Due to the quarantine (COVID-19 outbreak), most of the businesses were forced to stop using their offices and start working from home. As a company that started 100% remote UppLabs perfectly understand all the challenges might appear today.

Let us help you! Register to a free online Q&A session during which we’ll discuss: organization process, remote work control, the importance of daily statuses, setting the communication, business management tools, time tracking tools and more.


As a company with a social mission, UppLabs couldn’t stay aloof the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. According to general statistics, one-third of the US population having depression. And in forced isolation conditions lots of people find themselves struggling with anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, and fear. Many of them can’t reach out to their doctor, the rest don’t know they ever needed to reach out to somebody. So we decided to help them online. Please meet a chatbot and a website to help people with depression!

Future activities

Take a look at our planned events! Join us! Ask us for help or support, and we’ll be happy to assist when it’s possible.

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