We take responsibility for the quality of all our projects. When we get our products released and presented to the markets, we offer continuous support for our customers.

Continious support services

What is continuous support?

Continuous support is an essential part of the cooperation between a company and customers while the development process. This process allows the customer to focus on the essentials of the product while the team of developers makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Why does your product need continuous support?

When the product is ready, it is important to maintain it, constantly improving, optimizing, fixing bugs and keeping in touch with the customer. Continuous Support services include systematic development and professional work that contributes to cost efficiency, security, scalability, and keeping all of your systems up-to-date.

What services are included in continuous support?

UppLabs constantly support our customers using the following services:

  1. Constant Maintenance. We develop scaled solutions for the improvement of released services. We avoid technical debt and keep all solutions up-to-date.
  2. Assessment and Handover. The auditing of your software and resolving an action plan.
  3. Managed Cloud Services. It includes optimizing resources for the best security and flexibility of the product. 
  4. Cloud Migration. Moving your services to the Cloud that suits the business purposes the best.

What tools do we use to provide continuous support?

The UppLabs team uses such tools of continuous support as:

  • Health check services (UptimeRobot, checks the status of the connections to the infrastructure services used, the status of the host, application-specific logic)
  • Error logging tools (Elmah)
  • Events logging tools (Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Omniture)
  • Task management boards (for development and support of the product)
  • Server resource monitoring boards (check the memory usage, disk space, CPU usage)
  • Web site performance tools (Pingdom)
  • User feedback tools  (Typeform, UserReport, Loop)
  • Website Heatmaps and Behaviour Analytics Tools (Hotjar, Mouseflow)
  • Communication Tools (Drift, Skype, Slack, Trello Gitlab, Sentry)

Benefits of working with UppLabs

UppLabs team has years of experience with software development and continuous support. We fix the issues in real-time, bring improvements and lead the products with the help of trending and trusted technologies. Our Continuous Support gives our customers an up-to-date view of the current state of the product’s software and offers measures to reach the desired results.

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