Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco-based software company founded in 2011 by the developers who developed Mono, and Xamarin.  Xamarin provides tools that can help build cross-platform mobile applications. Programs can have all national functions, as well as share a common code base. According to Xamarin statistics, more than 15,000 companies rely on its tools, and the list contains many big names.

What’s special about Xamarin?

The Xamarin platform consists of many elements that allow you to develop applications for iOS and Android:

  1. C # language allows you to use familiar syntax and complex functions such as universal templates, LINQ, and a library of parallel tasks.
  2. Mono .NET Framework provides a cross-platform implementation of the extensive capabilities of Microsoft’s .NET framework.
  3. Compiler – depending on the platform, it creates its own application (e.g. iOS) or integrated .NET application and runtime (e.g. Android). The compiler also performs optimizations for deploying mobile devices, such as binding unused code.
  4. Integrated Development Tools – Visual Studio on Mac and Windows allows you to create and deploy Xamarin projects.

Why UppLabs choose Xamarin?

Xamarin provides full access to native APIs and tools used on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Hence, it can provide native design and performance for every application. In UppLabs, we choose Xamarin because:

  • Xamarin is a powerful and user-friendly development tool. You can create an application prototype in it literally in one day, and test it without real devices.
  • Xamarin simplifies application maintenance: all you have to do is make changes or updates to the source file and they will be automatically applied to iOS, Android, and Windows applications.
  • Xamarin reduces time-to-market and development costs by reusing code and using a single technology stack.
  • Xamarin makes it possible to quickly get an MVP with minimal engineering costs and test the application for viability.

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