Google’s Cloud platform provides reliable and scalable cloud computing services. These services help customers calculate and store data and help developers create, test, and deploy applications. Google Cloud covers application, storage, and cloud computing services for server, mobile, and web solutions that use the Internet.

Why Upplabs chooses Google Cloud

  • Increase productivity through quick access to innovation. Google systems can deliver updates efficiently and weekly.
  • Fewer crashes when users implement new functionality. Instead of oversized destructive packages of change, Google provides steady improvements in a continuous stream.
  • Employees can work from anywhere in the world. They can get full access to information on various devices from anywhere in the world through web applications based on Google Cloud.
  • Google Cloud provides fast collaboration. Many users can participate in and access projects at the same time because the data is stored in the cloud, not on their computers.
  • Investing in Google ensures customer safety. Customers benefit from the process-based and physical security investments made by Google. Google hires leading security experts.
  • Less data is stored on vulnerable devices. Minimum information is stored on computers, which can be compromised after users stop using web applications in the cloud.
  • Customers’ uptime and reliability increase. If the data center is unavailable, the system immediately switches to the additional center without any service interruption visible to users.
  • Control and flexibility. You control technology and own your data in Google applications. If you decide not to use the service, you can get your data from the Google cloud.
  • Google’s large-scale savings allow customers to spend less. Google minimizes overhead and integrates a small number of server configurations.

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