Flutter is an up-and-coming platform that has already attracted the attention of large companies that have launched their programs. This platform is interesting for its simplicity compared to web application development and speed of work. 

The list of global companies using Flutter is constantly updated. Among the big and well-known companies that use Flutter are Alibaba, Google Ads, AppTree, Reflectly, and My Leaf, which proves the uncompromising quality of Flutter.

What’s special about Flutter?

High program performance and speed of development are achieved through several tools:

  • the framework has a built-in Hot-reload
  • the user interface and application logic do not change depending on the platform.
  • faster code development
  • speed-to-market increase
  • close to native app performance
  • huge UI customization potential
  • separate rendering engine
  • no dependency on platform-specific UI components
  • suitable for any target platform
  • minimizes risks and losses for your business.

Why UppLabs choose Flutter? 

Some things make a huge difference in business. These are the stability of the platform, its performance, wide staff potential, and a guarantee of successful further development and improvement of technologies or products. We choose Flutter because:

  • It provides the same user interface and business logic across all platforms;
  • Flutter doesn’t need any platform-specific UI components to render the UI.
  • Flutter’s “hot reload” feature allows you to see the changes made almost instantly without even losing the current state of the application. It speeds up the development of Flutter applications several times.
  • In addition to numerous core layout widgets, Flutter provides a large set of Material and Cupertino widgets that perfectly mimic the behavior of each design language.
  • Flutter provides a declarative API for creating a user interface, which improves its performance.
  • One of the most significant advantages of Flutter is the ability to customize everything you see on the screen, no matter how complex it is.
  • You no longer need to customize the user interface to bring it to the platform, greatly simplifying the development process.
  • There will be no product development issues as Google builds Fuchsia OS, which works excellent with Flutter.
  • The Flutter UI uses a declarative approach inspired by the ReactJS web framework, based on widgets. To further increase the interface’s speed, widgets are redrawn as needed – only when something has changed.
  • Flutter does not use JavaScript in any way. Dar is a programming language for Flutter, which provides a speed of operations comparable to Objective-C, Swift, Java, or Kotlin.

All these aspects make Flutter a solution for business, allowing you to avoid barriers to finding specialists, adapting to new technologies, and integrating the tool into the system. Flutter is the fastest way to build a well-performing cross-platform mobile app.

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