Depending on the type of product, performance is based on several indicators, such as:

  • Number of users who use the product simultaneously

For example, what is the User Experience? What is the product’s response time? Is there a lag? How many requests at the same time? Does the number of requests spike at a given time? Why? Are user sessions getting longer or shorter?

In one of our recent projects, UppLabs had to fix the legacy solution that could not support more than 2000 real-time users, and that was affecting the core business goals. Our team had to change the app’s architecture and gradually migrate it from monolith to microservices. As a result, in two months, UppLabs managed to increase the solution’s performance three times. 

  • Data in the database

The data play a significant role in migration. They become integrated into the business, and change over time, causing the interdependencies of datasets, which complicates their transfer to a new environment. It is crucial to research the data, applications, and system components used for their complexity and interdependencies to improve data management and application mobility. Thus, the level of data integration is a critical part of the migration process.

  • Safety

Data protection is a must; all data must be migrated safely to avoid potential data losses. It’s essential to make sure all data are protected and can be extracted securely. The old and new formats should be compatible. That’s the stage where the team has to take the time to test and review all the data carefully.

  • Duration

How long does each phase of the migration take? How long does it take to test the whole process and each step? Does the term of each phase match expectations? If not, why, and what actions need to be taken?

  • Application Performance

This indicator can show exactly if your migration was successful. This is usually measured through:
– error rates (failed requests/total requests), 
– speed, 
– application availability, 
– latency, 
– number of time-outs, and 
– throughput.


If we divide product types into three primary industries, we can select such key Performance indicators:

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One thing is exact: if your outdated product does not meet your goals and requirements – then it should be optimized because if the performance decreases, this may affect the whole business.