The main responsibility of the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) is to help the company achieve its financial and marketing goals using an innovative technological approach. This means that the CTO will combine knowledge of existing and new technologies to provide the business with the best possible solutions in the future.

Keep in mind that there is no single standard for the roles and responsibilities of a CTO. You can hire this person for two main purposes – to maintain internal business processes or to develop innovative products.

Service outsourcing is when you invite an outside specialist to manage your internal technical processes. Here are some models for working with an outside CTO:

  1. Project CTO. If you couldn’t find a permanent CTO, you can hire this person as a staff member for a while. Both parties sign a temporary contract for the period of cooperation. This is the most expensive outsourcing model, but you can be sure that the specialist is fully immersed in your project.
  2. Freelance CTO. A freelancer will be able to advise you at any time and suggest the right decision. You can cooperate on a part-time contract or agree on hourly pay.
  3. CTO-consultant. A third-party CTO will help translate business goals into technical language and suggest what tools and technologies will allow you to get what you want. One-time consultations are much more profitable than hiring an individual, so even a young company can afford them.

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