AI Development by UppLabs aimed to intellectualize the product. We transform the standard automated systems into an intelligent product that works at the user’s request.

What is AI and why everybody is so obsessed with it?

Artificial intelligence is a unique product of technological progress that enables machines to learn, using human experience and as well as to adapt to new conditions, to perform multifaceted tasks, to predict events and optimize all kinds of resources. AI is a broad field of study that includes many theories, methods, technologies, and practices, as well as the following basic concepts:

  • Machine learning. AI automates the analytics model, collects, analyzes, and uses data statistics to form insights on how to perform specific tasks in different areas of activity.
  • Neural Network: This is a type of machine learning that helps a smart machine find the right connections or make a predetermined decision in a particular situation.
  • Deep learning. AI forms huge multilevel neural networks, taking advantage of advanced training methods to study complex models in a large amount of data. It includes image recognition and speech recognition.
  • Cognitive computing. AI uses cognitive computing to simulate processes that are commonly performed by humans, interpret images and language, and then is able to speak and act in response.
  • Computer vision. AI relies on image recognition. When machines are able to process, analyze, and understand images, they can interpret them individually and offer their own decisions regarding material processing and use.

Where can you use AI? 

The introduction of artificial intelligence technologies in various spheres of life can qualitatively change them and contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness of any activity. Examples can be Fintech, Cybersecurity, Public sector, Medicine and Healthcare, Gaming,  Banking, Logistics, Insurance, Retail, etc. Artificial intelligence is used in basically all businesses. We interact with it in some capacity on a daily basis. Chatbots, smart cars, IoT devices all use artificial intelligence to brings us a superior experience.

What are the most popular products and projects that involve AI?

Here is the list of the most revolutionary artificial intelligence projects that influenced the world’s transformation:

  • Tesla
  • Netflix
  • Microsoft’s Cortana
  • Google Brain
  • AlphaGo
  • Yelp
  • Pandora
  • IBM’s Watson
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Edgecase

How AI can help your business?

  • It automates the ongoing process of learning and searching through data. AI reliably, systematically and tirelessly performs large-scale computerized tasks.
  • AI intellectualizes the product. It allows transforming the standard automated systems into an intelligent product that works at the user’s request.
  • AI is adaptable. It develops with the help of progressive learning algorithms and generates data for further programming.
  • AI analyzes big data. A thorough analysis brings to the surface all the potential risks, generates predictions and warnings, eliminates wrong decisions, prevents dangerous situations.
  • AI achieves extreme accuracy. This allows the use of intelligent systems in almost all areas of human activity.
  • AI operates a huge amount of data. And if you have the best data in the particular competitive business industry, you will become the best in the market.

What are the tools we use in AI development?

Here are some of the most effective tools that our AI developers use to facilitate AI development:

  1. Google Cloud ML Engine.
    The platform allows teaching machine learning models to complete many tasks. It’s often used for deep learning and training in predictive modeling.
  2. Amazon Machine Learning (AML)
    That technology is easy in learning and it’s good for developers and those who just started programming. It allows for creating models and machine learning predictions. 
  3. Google ML Kit for Mobile
    The platform allows us to create Android applications based on AI and implement such features as face and voice recognition and barcode scanning.
  4. Apple’s Core ML
    The technology enables the integration of machine learning models into iOS apps. 
  5. Azure Machine Learning Studio.
    The program helps to create and train AI systems with the help of algorithms that they can adapt and use for their needs.

Benefits of working with UppLabs

Now customers prefer to work with companies that respond to inquiries promptly and are ready to answer the question immediately. We use smart technologies to accelerate the pace of production and perform tasks clearly. Therefore, there is an opportunity to produce more high-quality products by increasing business revenue. 

Team cohesion, highly experienced and result-oriented employees, innovators in product development, focused on the success, delving deep into the issues and needs of the customer’s business to solve set tasks – these are the values that allow us to be effective in the development of any complex digital products.

We hope to win your business and build a long-term relationship with you! 

Additional reading

Here you can find more resources, including open deep learning models and data sets, sample code, and more to accelerate your skills of artificial intelligence integration and development.

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