Neofin: no-code automation platform

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Neofin is a no-code, commercial, open-source automation platform expertly designed with the assistance of UppLabs. It provides an efficient toolkit for financial product development, including ready-to-use products, fully customizable templates, and a wide array of integrations with market-proven solutions like Stripe and PayPal.



Financial product infrastructure in 1 hour

Neofin provides a core functionality developed jointly with UppLabs, contemporary toolkit, customizable templates, and integrations with leading industry solutions to equip businesses with the infrastructure to develop robust products. Companies can also build their integration points in days.

Unlimited scalability for financial services

The core of Neofin was built with limitless scalability in focus. The platform-based solutions handle 100,000+ financial operations daily, demonstrating that a higher load does not result in reduced bandwidth. Companies can seamlessly scale up their operations with Neofin.

solutions and outcome

Industry transformation

The primary goal of Neofin is to transform lending innovations into a delightful, rather than cumbersome, experience. UppLabs is proud to have contributed to this achievement with our expertise and knowledge.

Developed with business requirements at its heart, Neofin enables companies across diverse sectors to create and implement their own financial solutions easily.

Wide needs coverage

The Neofin platform consists of three key components, each designed to meet the needs of the different parties involved in fintech service delivery and consumption.

Frontend Interface offers an intuitive and seamless experience for end-users. Backend System is tailored for specialists, analysts, and business leaders. Neofin Core is the foundational element for developing financial software.

Business Impact


countries covered


out-of-the-box integrations


products in the service portfolio


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