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KAIF is a DeSoc mobile platform. With Digital Twin, Wallet, Crowdfunding, Marketplace, DeFi, and Activities modules, it connects people with businesses through gamification and targeted marketing initiatives. In that way, users can monetize their skills and time spent in the app.


Challenges & scope

Users influx

Initially built as a proof-of-concept MVP, the mobile app swiftly scaled its user base to several thousand. Yet, dealing with their day-to-day in-platform activities soon became a challenge that required radical product transformation.

Fast-track changes

Being more of a business person, the client had a high-level vision of what the system should look like and what value to bring. Yet, they still needed technical guidance to achieve it.

AI implementation

Having the idea to turn the platform into a versatile and flexible AI-powered solution, the client needed an experienced partner. The team has to uncover the entire range of tech possibilities while establishing a solid foundation for integrating the system with AIs.

Tech gap

Understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, the client knew exactly what gaps in skills and experiences they have. To level up an in-house team with crucial extra capabilities, they need specific senior-level experts to join the team.

solutions and outcome

Client-server architecture

Switching to client-server architecture enabled the load distribution between both. So now, whenever user demand increases, the team can use additional servers to handle the load, ensuring smooth performance and UX.

Microservices implementation

By breaking down applications into independently deployable and manageable services, the UppLabs team ensured the ability to move fast, adding new features or removing unnecessary ones without affecting the whole system.

Specific AI microservice

Having all the flexibility of the microservice architecture, our team dedicated one of them to AI. Ensuring its capability to manage all existing tasks, we also make sure it’ll work smoothly with any new feature the client may want to add.

Monetization functionality

Focusing on the finance part of the project, UppLabs experts strategized and implemented the flow of rewards in the system, making it easy for both brands and users to exchange tokens for completed missions and tasks.

Business Impact


daily users


completed in-app tasks


faster feature implementation


AI integrations


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