UppLabs successfully delivers projects for customers from all around the world. One of the last projects we had was the development of a mobile application for trichologists to prevent hair loss of their clients which was called HairMax. 

This project is an example of providing digital transformation services in healthcare. In this article, we are going to show how UppLabs managed to automate and simplify the work of trichologists and in what way we eased the process of clients’ scalp analysis.

The goal of the project

HairMax is a mobile application that allows trichologists to add clients to the database and monitor their visits and treatment progress. When the client visits a doctor, the doctor uses a dermatoscope connected to this application to take photos. Based on the detailed images and further investigation, doctors can prescribe certain HairMax products. With this app, doctors can save lots of time as there is no more need in manual adding dermatoscope pictures and analyzing them. Now it is done automatically. Moreover, based on the client’s scalp pictures, data, and progress, the app defines the type of hair loss and shows the doctor possible prescriptions variants.

UppLabs created Healthcare app for preventing hair loss. HairMax mobile app

UppLabs created a mobile application HairMax from scratch. We provided its integration with medical dermatoscope and automatic user’s data save on personal devices without storing them to an external server. Also, we provided an automatic mobile PDF generation with prescriptions. Using this PDF with the QR code, the user can buy HairMax goods chosen by the doctor. This is possible because of integration with the Shopify e-commerce platform. 

All this functionality was developed to bring digitalization and improve operational strategy for medical institutions working in dermatology, paramedical science of the hair, hair loss, and associated scalp problems. 

The team was responsible for: 

  1. Software development
    UppLabs team provided full-cycle mobile application development. From software architecture to engineering and launch, our developers crafted a unique digital product for medical institutions. HairMax Android app lets doctors automatically upload data, analyze it, store, and predict prescriptions. 
  2. Medical device integration
    Whilst an official dermatoscope integration application didn’t support needed functionality, using the best practices, UppLabs built our own integration app from scratch. To meet doctors’ needs we created several new features to improve the data received from dermatoscope. 
  3. Data analysis and storage
    Based on data received from the dermatoscope, the app is able to identify the type of hair loss and show advice. All the data about the client’s scalp is stored on the doctor’s device and used to monitor the client’s progress. Using the previous visits data, HairMax mobile app can set the schedule for the next procedures and remind clients about them.

The UppLabs developers implemented such key features:

  • User login via email
  • Admin dashboard for managing doctors:
    • inviting via email, 
    • editing, 
    • removing doctors from database
  • Doctor dashboard for managing clients: 
    • registration, 
    • editing, 
    • removing clients from the local database, 
    • viewing client’s visits history
  • Doctor registration flow
  • Clients registration flow
  • Mobile device camera functionality support
  • Dermatoscope integration and photo data receiving support
  • Automatic recommendations
  • Mobile PDF generation: Creating client visit summary PDF
UppLabs created Healthcare app for preventing hair loss. Dermatoscope and hair loss classification

The main challenges that UppLabs team faced

While implementing the application our team that consisted of two developers (that used React Native and Kotlin programming languages) and one Project Manager faced the following challenges:

  • Medical device integration
    The manufacturer did not provide any documentation on how to integrate with their devices and offered only their application to use that unfortunately was not enough to meet the business needs of our client.
  • Mobile PDF creation
    UppLabs provided automatic generating of a PDF document layout on the mobile devices, saving this PDF to the proper directory, and creating QR code for buying prescribed products online.
  • Data storing
    Instead of collecting users’ data on an external server, we implemented an alternative solution for storing all the data about clients on mobile devices.
  • Expo ejection
    Unfortunately, we had to eject Expo and go with React Native in order to integrate the application with a custom-built package of the medical device integration.

The result of UppLabs team’s work

The overall project lasted 2,5 months and included:

  • product development, 
  • testing, and 
  • launch stages. 

The developers used React Native, Kotlin, Expo, Firebase, and they are still responsible for the post-production support and maintenance of the product. 

We are proud to say, that by developing the HairMax mobile app, UppLabs helped to streamline the client’s operational processes and save medical workers time. It has helped to increase the sales revenues of their existing e-commerce product because of the easy way to order the medicine in the application in a couple of clicks.

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