Incorporated in 2014 and based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, UppLabs is a FinTech solution provider and software development corporation with a particular focus on Lending Tech.

UppLabs is a unique software firm that has produced reusable solutions enabling professionals to uncover custom finance software quickly and more efficiently. With ten years of experience on the global market and 50+ successful setups of dedicated development teams’ projects behind the back, the organization has developed 1000+ successful deployments of out-of-box solutions and 150+ deployed projects.

UppLabs was founded by a CEO who has been working with the world’s largest fintech businesses such as Deloitte or Citibank and necessitated to employ the best practices of the preeminent finance software in his very niche-specific software trade.

The organization worked on Tax1099, digital banking of Citibank, full
development of Recap Investment platform, and a few others. Currently, the
company counts 100+ fintech geeks and a full-cycle capacity to handle software development projects from Business Analysis to DevOps.

The experts’ team came up with innovative ideas for newly launched or existing businesses to digitize their needs and provided IT consulting for small and medium enterprises of different industries to build tech strategies for implementing their solutions.

Having a clear vision and understanding of the needs of all stakeholders and clients’ competitive advantage in the market, UppLabs ensures transparency and provides regular status updates, enabling direct access to every team member.

The GoodFirms team approached UppLabs’ CEO & Founder, Vitaliy Dyachenko who unveils the insights of the firm.

Starting with the interview, Vitaliy mentions that UppLabs is a global solutions and services provider with a headquarters in the USA and has its R&D center in East Europe that works with clients worldwide. Most of the clients are from the US and Europe.

Narrating the story behind the commencement of the business, Vitaliy cites that he and his group mates created an application to manage sim and scratch cards for a distribution company in his final year at university. After this, Vitaliy spent some time working for the big software outsourcing businesses and gained a lot of experience.

Still being an employee simultaneously, Vitaliy started working on his own
product. By that time, Vitaliy already had his reliable team and decided to start my first UppLabs project, so he invited them, and on October 14th, 2014, they officially founded UppLabs.

Talking about the company’s business model and its services, Vitaliy asserts that UppLabs has an in-house team that helps the clients to develop their projects from scratch or rebuild/update existing products.

One of the key characteristics of today’s digital ecosystem is a multichannel
system. Organizing an effective presence across different channels that reach potential clients is a vital task for any business. The expert app developers understand that to be closer to customers, clients’ business needs a good website and a better mobile application. Ergo, the team of experts focuses on creating a must-have strategy to avoid losing existing and potential clients.

With 5+ billion mobile phone users globally, even a simple application has a great potential to expand clients’ business to a new level, and the expert team at UppLabs provides clients with Android, iOS, or both, enabling them to convert their app ideas into a flawless mobile app.

Thus, conceptualizing and creating award-winning test apps for more than five years, putting maximum effort, and the latest tech practices in each client’s projects endows UppLabs to burgeon amongst the top mobile app development companies in Kyiv GoodFirms.

The review displayed below proves the potential of the app developers at

Ecommerce review. Vitaliy Dyachenko's GoodFirms interview

Apart from mobile app development services, UppLabs provides clients with robust web development solutions that enhance their business ROI, respectively. UppLabs is working in the web development sphere for many years and has dozens of successful projects and satisfied customers worldwide. The organization aims to implement the most advanced innovations in providing the best solutions for all stages of project development, timely technical support, and a high level of
maintenance for the customers’ businesses.

Online ubiquity helps any business with ample opportunities for its growth, and therefore, based on the client’s individual needs, expert web developers help build a modern web solution. The team strictly follows the established business processes to create innovative web solutions appreciated worldwide.

UppLabs is staffed with a team of experienced web developers who are prepared to handle clients’ unique projects. Thus, outsourcing clients’ web application/ website development by taking care of the design, development, testing, and more endows UppLabs as one of the leading website development companies in Pennsylvania at GoodFirms.
The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of the websites developed in UppLabs.

Web development review. Vitaliy Dyachenko's GoodFirms interview

Concluding with the interview, Vitaliy divulges that UppLabs has a set of B2B tech solutions that help clients launch their business and other Fintech products. These solutions enable companies to save time, money, make faster time-to-value conversions, and manage financial and regulatory compliance risks.

Moreover, UppLabs is a flat company, where employees get motivated not by stakeholders or board but by the team itself. He also mentions that for now, the customer satisfaction rate is approximately 95%. UppLabs has shown a high-level proficiency in meeting customer’s targets and running the project smoothly.

Advanced skills of the IT team and applying a unique approach for each customer ensures a high level of customer satisfaction enabling UppLabs to stand uniquely amongst its rivals.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Vitaliy’s interview, one can also go through the detailed discussion at GoodFirms.

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