This is the list of TOP-10 most interesting and notable Fintech conferences worldwide that we carefully selected from 60+ different Fintech events and recommend you to visit during 2020.

After we published our list of the best Fintech events in 2020 we’ve been asked to select 10 of them we think to be the most efficient and valuable. So from 60+ events, we narrowed down the list to TOP-10. The key criteria we were following to complete this list were: the number of participants, location and the number of years this conference has been held for.

As a Fintech software development company, UppLabs is constantly monitoring the most interesting Fintech events and conferences. This year (2020) is promising in the number of great events where everyone can gain new skills, knowledge and strengthen your network. We selected the TOP-10 but you can always go to the list above and check the conferences that suit you better.

☝ P.s. Did you know that the most popular months for Fintech conferences are April and September?

Top 10 Best Fintech events to visit in 2020

1. InfoSec Finance Connect 2020
15–17 March 2020, San Diego, USA

This exclusive invite-only event for cybersecurity leaders that can learn the latest, most successful finance, and insurance strategies. Here participants could get answers to their biggest challenges with peer to peer mentorship programs.
Expect to meet C-Suite, VPs, and Heads of Information and Cybersecurity from top Credit Unions, US banks, Insurances, and Financial Services.

2. Seamless Fintech
25–26 Mar 2020, Dubai, UAE

Seamless Fintech will bring together the entire G2B/C, B2B and B2C BSFI eco-system of investors to discuss, debate and evaluate an international showcase of products and services, and will also tackle the biggest challenges such as driving financial inclusion, RoboAdvisors, Wealth Tech, Reg Tech, InsuTech, A.I., customer experience and engagement.
The event also hosts 75+ free content sessions, an Ask The Expert Zone, Tech Pavilions, LaunchPad, and the much anticipated Start-up Pitch–offs.

3. Women in FinTech Summit London
31 Mar 2020, London, UK

Women in FinTech Summit London focuses on discovering the latest challenges, progressions, and impacts from the world’s leading female innovators across industry, research and the financial sector.
Speakers across finance, business & investment will share insights into recent breakthroughs and discuss the barriers needed to be overcome.

4. UK Fintech Week
20–24 Apr 2020, London, UK

This five-day FinTech event is going to be a tour de force of financial innovation and collaboration, attended by FinTech founders, institutions, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, policymakers, politicians, academics, and media from all over the world.
UK FinTech Week is the best possible opportunity to find out why the UK will remain a world-leading FinTech hub, and it means packing a year’s worth of FinTech engagement into just 5 days.

5. Fintech Americas
22 — Fri, 24 Apr 2020, Miami, USA

Fintech Americas will cover areas like discuss the opportunities and challenges of disruptive technology facing the financial sector in Latin America.
The new focused content and expanded tracks will provide more choices and insights for people who want to speed on the trends disrupting the industry.

6. LendIt Fintech USA
13–14 May 2020, New York, USA

LendIt Fintech USA will provide the attendees with the opportunity to gain insights into A roadmap for finding the next billion with machine learning, FinTech partnerships to improve lives, Beyond the hype.
This is a chance to connect to the best banks, fintech unicorns, startups, equity & debt investors, all in one place.

7. Fintech Summit
17 — Sat, 20 Jun 2020, Valencia, Spain

Fintech Summit offers learning about the latest FinTech advancements and implementation and how they will benefit banking, insurance, financing advisory and cross-point support. The Webit.fintech summit gathers top-level experts from Europe and around the world and aims to discuss the implementation of technology in the world of finance and payments.
The Fintech Summit gathers top-level experts from Europe and around the world and aims to discuss the implementation of technology in the world of finance and payments.

8. Swiss Fintech Fair
08 Sep 2020, Zürich, Switzerland

Swiss Fintech Fair is Switzerland’s one and only Fintech tradeshow which discusses with fintech drivers, network with inspiring people of the digital community, visit fintech exhibitors, provides interesting talks and sessions.
Exhibitors of the trade show will get the full range of the fintech universe: startups, corporates, providers crowdlending, blockchain, insurtech and much more.

9. Future 20/20 Conference
10 Sep 2020, Mumbai, India

The event offers the opportunity to discuss advancements, challenges, innovations, and solutions to propel the growth trajectory of emerging businesses. The participants will create a growth-affirming narrative to motivate the rapid organizational evolution and emphasize the centrality of innovation.
At the Conference, the participants can create a growth-affirming narrative to motivate the rapid organizational evolution and emphasize the centrality of innovation.

10. Fintech Inn 2020
25–28 Nov 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania

Fintech Inn 2020 is the largest and most significant international Fintech conference in the Baltic region. Fintech Inn is a forum, where established companies, startups, investors, associations, policymakers and technology leaders from over 60 countries gather together to exchange knowledge and discuss the challenges facing the industry today.
Here the participant will meet 3000+ attendees, 500+ fintech companies. The best teams will be awarded with the exceptional prizes — tickets to Money 2020, The Next Web and Stockholm Fintech week and an investment offer from the major investment funds.

This is our list of favorites and if you are on the same wavelength, meet you there!

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