We’re excited to share the news that today UppLabs’ CTO and founder Vitaliy Dyachenko visited “Школа Героев – встречи, проекты и стажировка для школьников”!

The aim of this event sessions is to meet schoolchildren with professionals from different fields. Here children can present their ideas and tell about their dreams. ‘The School of heroes’ gives them the opportunity to hear the feedback from elders who have already achieved something on how to make their dreams come true. We’ve heard many good ideas children are ready to bring to life! And we’re inspired about changing this world for better! As a business owner, Vitaliy shared some insights and gave some advice to children about their dreams and plans. Social mission is one of the main priorities business should have.

UppLabs is extremely happy to have this chance to be a part of ‘The School of heroes’!