Whether your project is at the initiation or the execution stage, our professional team can meet your needs. UppLabs is the right choice for those who expect to get the web/mobile apps of any complexity at the highest quality.

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We provide various services, from launching a new web or mobile application for your business, rebuilding your legacy system, Fintech solutions, creating MVP of your product to validating the business idea. With Upplabs you'll get timely technical support and a high level of maintenance.

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You get the most value from our skills when it comes to custom web or mobile application development, supporting or extending existing applications, revamping and innovating your legacy systems, and MVP Development. Our tech stack is constantly evolving as we master new technologies and skills.

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Latest from blog

Building Flat Company in Ukraine. How to be an IT business owner

July 7, 2020

Building Flat Company in Ukraine. How to be an IT business owner

If you want to start your own business, you need to be patient and resolute.

The story of Vitaliy Dyachenko, UppLabs’ founder and CTO, member of Global CTO Forum, mentor in Maya Startup Hub, Fintech and PropTech-enthusiast, who managed to work in 3 of the 5 largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

RPA (robotic process automation) in Healthcare

July 3, 2020

RPA (robotic process automation) in Healthcare

What does exactly the RPA mean for healthcare solutions and what benefits does it bring? Let’s keep a closer eye on this topic.  

Regulations in Fintech

June 22, 2020

Regulations in Fintech

This fast and global growth of the Fintech industry doesn’t come without challenges. Because fintech companies are interfering more and more in the financial transaction operations, regulators are increasing their focus on Fintech regulations.

How to generate a PDF document in a React Native project?

June 17, 2020

How to generate a PDF document in a React Native project?

Not so long ago UppLabs was working on a project which key functionalities included a PDF generation on mobile. In this material, we’ll share some tips on how to generate a PDF document using React Native. 

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