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We provide various services, from launching a new web or mobile application for your business, rebuilding your legacy system, Fintech solutions, creating MVP of your product to validating the business idea. With Upplabs you'll get timely technical support and a high level of maintenance.

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You get the most value from our skills when it comes to custom web or mobile application development, supporting or extending existing applications, revamping and innovating your legacy systems, and MVP Development. Our tech stack is constantly evolving as we master new technologies and skills.

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Security practices for Fintech projects

September 18, 2020

Security practices for Fintech projects

In large ecosystems, all participants influence each other. Therefore, the response to cyberattacks and counteraction is a primary task of every company, as well as its clients.

Despite the constantly growing number of cyberattacks worldwide, a great number of breaches could be prevented if companies could minimize cyber threats and use security best practices on time. 

Smart software development

September 10, 2020

Smart software development

How to get your app and save money?

If you’re in need of a software product, but your budget is limited and your deadlines are tight, you might choose some ready-made solutions that are fast to develop. But is it actually a smart development? It could be cheaper to choose the quickest short-term solution, but as a result, it can cause more problems and the need to reinvest in the new development process. 

Meet MyAppCost to estimate your application software development cost

August 20, 2020

Meet MyAppCost to estimate your application software development cost

We in UppLabs think that pricing should always be transparent and clear. That is why we developed a mobile application that helps you to understand an approximate cost and a timeline to develop your web or mobile product.

From legacy monolith app to microservices infrastructure. Case study

August 19, 2020

From legacy monolith app to microservices infrastructure. Case study

In UppLabs practice, we came across a very interesting technical case that we would like to share in detail. We had a project with a concrete goal – optimization of application performance by migration from a monolithic system to the new microservices' infrastructure. The UppLabs team found a curious approach to fulfill this task.

Fintech news

August 25, 2020

VizyPay advocates for small business owners with look local first initiative, helping merchants rebuild during COVID-19

   COVID-19 has placed an immense burden on small business owners who are fighting to keep their doors open. VizyPay, an award-winning payment processing company and creators of the popular Cash Discount Program, is supporting these small businesses nationwide through its Look Local First movement which provides free digital marketing efforts like sponsored social media ads and promotional giveaways […]

August 21, 2020

Hitos que marcarán el digital banking

·        La Banca Digital camina hacia un nuevo ecosistema financiero inteligente y personalizado que ofrece una experiencia centrada en el cliente y en una mayor rentabilidad ·        GDS Modellica ha desarrollado soluciones flexibles que posibilitan a las empresas financieras crear, gestionar y mejorar sus estrategias de manera más rápida, conveniente y personalizada    Si antes de la pandemia […]

August 18, 2020

New digital software launches to completely revolutionise property virtualisation

  Based on gaming technology, revvis allows users the unique experience of viewing and designing the interior and exterior of a property before it is even built.  The software is an ideal solution for the property industry as we establish a ‘new normal’ and the market gets back to business in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. […]

August 17, 2020

How to Easily Make Transactions Online

If you are serious about having your clients enjoy a smooth payment process while increasing your sales, you need to check the below tips:    1.Provide Different Payment Methods Do not get stuck with one payment method.  Most consumers online always prefer getting different payment methods to choose the best according to their preference. If you […]

August 17, 2020

Mobbeel is the Digital Onboarding’s provider of AKISI app from PRONET

Mobbeel strengthens its presence in Guatemala by providing the Digital Onboarding technology for Akisí App, an Electronic Wallet available for Android devices. It allows paying basic and financial services from the smartphone, reducing the use of cash and speeding up transactions in order to boost the local economy. Akisi App users can make real-time transfers, charge […]

August 14, 2020

Arctic Securities go live with EFA and Singletrack for advanced research authoring and distribution

  Singletrack, the capital markets engagement and research distribution experts, and EFA, a leading FinTech solutions provider, announce a successful go live at Arctic Securities, a leading, independent Norwegian investment bank. Arctic Securities have taken the EFA Platform for modeling, authoring and production workflows, and Singletrack for research distribution via email and to multiple aggregators. […]

August 14, 2020

Facebook lanza unidad fintech

  Facebook Inc. lanzó una nueva empresa subsidiaria para promover “pagos y oportunidades de comercio”, el proyecto Facebook Financial que lidera David Marcus, co-creador de la criptomoneda Libra, a cargo de la división. La iniciativa tiene como objetivo ejecutar todos los proyectos de pagos, incluido Facebook Pay, una función que planea desarrollar dentro de todas sus aplicaciones. El ex CEO […]

August 13, 2020

Commerzventures invest $6m into Concirrus

  Leading specialty analytics insurtech, Concirrus has today announced that CommerzVentures has made a $6 million investment into the business.  Heiko Schwender, Partner at CommerzVentures, comments: “Our passion lies in helping fintech and insurtech companies to succeed. We believe Concirrus has the best solution to manage risk in the marine insurance industry. Ultimately, it will serve insurance carriers in a variety of supply chain industries. The […]

August 12, 2020

Crown agents bank join forces with Paycode to better serve african unbanked

Biometric payments specialist Paycode and Crown Agents Bank are collaborating to serve unbanked communities across Sub-Saharan Africa The collaboration will aim to reach 100 million individuals in the next few years London, United Kingdom, 15th July, 2020: Crown Agents Bank Ltd has announced that it is collaborating with Paycode PTY Ltd of South Africa. Crown […]

August 10, 2020

US Bank deploys smart assistant to boost digital banking

By David Jones As the COVID-19 lockdown has forced major banking companies to transition from branch-based retail operations to mobile and drive thru, U.S. Bank has launched a service called the U.S. Bank Smart Assistant, marking the latest financial institution to incorporate AI-based voice commands into its mobile banking app. The Minneapolis-based bank has made […]

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